Your WHY?

Consider this element the prerequisite in any successful business. To succeed, we must know what it is we’re trying to achieve and by when.

Clear and defined objectives enable us to plan, start, gain momentum, measure and continuously move forward in the right direction.

Clear direction enhances and multiplies our chances of success. Given the sacrifices we make as business owners, why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success?

Discovery workshops

Our discovery workshops qualify for ERDF financial grant support. To find out more, click here.

These workshops target a review of your existing business, broken down into seven core elements.

  • Business Planning – overriding goals and objectives
  • Products & Services – existing and future portfolio
  • Sales – pipeline, target market, growth, opportunity (existing v new clients)
  • Marketing – go to market strategy, digital marketing, how to engage with your target market
  • Processes – process mapping, business efficiencies, ISO, use of systems and applications
  • Resources – internal/external skills, knowledge and experience (today v target model)
  • Financials – financial planning, investment, grants, efficiencies, projections, margin growth

You can choose one of two formats. With both, Gomentum take full ownership of the logistics, co-ordination of people, dates, times and venues, ensuring maximum productivity and a great customer experience.

Interactive workshop

Our Gomentum agenda establishes key criteria both the business and its shareholders must agree on. Working through our seven core elements, this workshop is a discussion only forum, meaning the client is responsible for;

  • notation and prioritisation of agreed actions
  • assigning ownership of tasks within their business
  • effectively communicating all agreed actions to peers and colleagues
  • delegation and delivery of key post-workshop activities

Interactive workshop, plus;

  • Gomentum provide notation, recording all content and discussion points
  • Gomentum issue a 1st draft comprehensive feedback report incorporating:
  • Recommended actions over the coming 12-months
  • Suggested priorities across the seven core elements discussed
  • Additional observations
  • Table of agreed next actions
  • Confirmation of who owns which actions (accountability)
  • Agree action deadline dates
  • Second client meeting to reviewing 1st draft report
  • Agree and apply one set of report amendments
  • Distribution of final report via email

Take control today and discover your WHY

Tell us your preferred ENTRY LEVEL or ADVANCED option and leave the rest to us.

Business plans

Most business owners are in denial when it comes to needing a business plan, the mere suggestion sends them running for the hills. Ironically, those most of us look up to as successful business leaders and serial entrepreneurs, all tell us you must have a plan.

Business plans reflect a multipurpose toolkit, capable of influencing clients, target markets, suppliers, investors and most importantly our staff. How can you afford not to have a plan?

Gomentum’s Business Plan service is designed to hold your hand through the entire process, or even to write and produce your plan for you. On completion you’ll have a flexible working document with as much or as little content as you dictate.

We offer clients one of two formats.

  • Assignment of a Gomentum advisor
  • Use of a specific Gomentum agenda
  • Provision of a business plan template (including financial .xls workbook)
  • 4 x 1-hour Skype consultations
  • Qualification of specific client objectives and key criteria inclusion
  • Setting of specific tasks enabling completion of manageable business plan content between Skype sessions
  • 1 x 1-hour Skype session to review your finished plan

This entry level product specifically targets business owners with ambition, taking the first step toward change, structure, focus, business efficiencies and growth.

As our entry level product, however with the option to swap out Skype sessions, replacing with an on-site face to face Gomentum advisor. Gomentum will also;

  • Own notation and recording of all session content
  • Analyse all written and financial data received
  • Produce 1st draft of your business plan
  • Offer one set of pre-confirmed amendments
  • Produce final issue business plan draft

The advanced product targets scale-up and high growth businesses with ambition, where the business plan is a core ingredient aligned to investment, appointment of strategic senior personnel and multi-option exit strategies.

Take control today and discover your WHY

Tell us your preferred ENTRY LEVEL or ADVANCED option and leave the rest to us.


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