About Gomentum

Our story, our vision

Established in 2016, Gomentum exist to fill an essential support gap identified by UK business owners.

Keeping in touch with our target market, we have and continue to interact with thousands of businesses and business owners, qualifying their needs and building momentum within their businesses.

Most UK businesses appear to have lost faith in prior mainstream support resources, being Business Coaches, Local Government and Financial institutions, including High Street banks.

Instead of simple sounding boards and advice, business owners are looking for continued support including access to resources, enabling key tasks to be identified, planned and delivered.

Since July 2016 Gomentum have successfully helped over 50 businesses, across 22 different markets, to “get things done”.

Our USPs

We’ve spoken to over 1,000 businesses and business owners, absorbing their feedback to establish our delivery model.

Market challenge 1: Business owners are fed up with receiving advice from individuals who had never even owned a business and didn’t fully understand the related challenges.

Gomentum Solution: Every member of our client delivery team owns or has owned a business. We get the world of a business owner 100%, we’ve been there, done it and are there today. We know the 3am wake up calls, the constant juggling of finances, the nuts and bolts of business we never anticipated having to manage, etc, etc.

Market challenge 2: Business owners felt a mere statistic, not a real person with real challenges.

Gomentum Solution: As a biproduct of our team being real business owners, we’re passionate about your specific success, about helping business owners. We admire anyone and everyone who goes into business for themselves and respect the time, financial and social sacrifices made to set-up, run and successfully exit any business model.

Market challenge 3: Everyone wants to tell us what we can do, what our options might be. Nobody then helps us do it.

Gomentum Solution: We don’t sit, listen and tell. We meet, talk, review and “DO!”. We’re not here to create more decisions for you to consider, we exist to provide a path forward, commit and make it happen.

Market challenge 4: Any support received from government, banks and franchises are aligned to their objectives, not ours.

Gomentum Solution: We’re an independent privately-owned business. We’re not governed by banks, government, franchise models or any other influence. We’re a business established to dedicate 100% of our time in supporting other businesses and business owners.

What our clients say

How we’ve helped them go forward with momentum.

It’s a teamwork

Given the scope and diversity of every client’s requirement, our solutions often require a team effort, so we have a pool of experienced specialists to ensure the successful delivery of each client’s goals .

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