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Our Testimonials

The most important aspect of any business as a brand, is “what your customers say about you”.


I just wanted to express my thanks for the work Gomentum have done and continue to do on behalf of Accommodation Unlimited.

Starting a new business is daunting, particularly when you haven’t written a business plan for 25 years. Gomentum have helped me every step of the way and have given me a road map for success.

The ongoing work looking at the challenges and opportunities for my current business have turned what looked to be a real threat to Accommodation Unlimited into an opportunity.

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my business confident in the knowledge that Gomentum are in my corner.

Peter Ellis, Managing Director, Accommodation Unlimited

Thank you Gomentum! – In the short time I have known Gomentum I can safely say I have learnt a great deal. Gomentum have been there to support me wherever possible, which has been immensely helpful given owning a business feels permanently full on! This doesn’t however phase Gomentum in any way, they are far too experienced and organised! I have benefited from Gomentum’s vast knowledge in business, sales and supplier relations. The extensive scope of both SME and corporate experience within Gomentum leaves me feeling completely safe in their hands. If you are considering having a discussion with Gomentum, to help move your own business forward, my only advice would be, do it today!

Tristan Chalmers, Managing Director, Classic Carpets Ltd, Bristol.

Gomentum provided Triangle with valuable support as part of our business transformation project.  Gomentum have an extensive understanding of business to business partnerships, providing a strong sounding board, something that helps any business leader to get a grip of their customer proposition.

Gomentum are supportive, clear, direct, but most importantly trustworthy, with an open and honest approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gomentum to anyone in business.

Paul Anslow, Managing Director, Triangle Networks Ltd.

A business plan to help inform my thinking had been on my to-do list for over a year. Indeed, I attempted to embark on one at least once in that time – without getting very far. So, it was a big relief to come across Gomentum.

What Gomentum have done for me from the outset is to provide structure and direction to the process. Through their comprehensive template and one-to-one coaching sessions Gomentum have progressed my plan far beyond anything I had managed before. And with a clear roadmap laid out to completion, I have the makings of a document that will be tremendously useful.

Gomentum have a wealth of experience, gained through individuals who have worked for large organisations and taken their own businesses from start-up through to sale, evident in an honest and enlightening way during the coaching sessions. The benefit of working with Gomentum is far more than just a business plan, it’s an education.

I have been extremely impressed, and would not hesitate to recommend Gomentum to business owners looking to get a clear plan in place for their company.

Thank you, Gomentum, for all you’ve done so far. I look forward to continuing working with you.

Huw Bendon, Founder and Managing Director, On Point Copywriting Ltd

Gomentum continue to support me and my business. We have been working together for several months during which Gomentum have been a great sounding board, challenging my ideas, reflecting on my business from the outside in. Time is a constant challenge for every business owner, yet Gomentum have ensured we find time to work together on the business strategies, enabling future growth and sustainability for Furniture23.

Chris Fox, Managing Director, Furniture23 Ltd.

Gomentum have taken away the stress of creating a new business plan from scratch. It has been a pleasure to work with Gomentum who really understood how to extract my ideas, creating and formulating a more structured approach. As a result, I’m now one step closer to owning the dream premises for my academy. I would highly recommend Gomentum to other business owners who would benefit from support to drive their business forward.

Kizzy Morrell, Founder/CEO of Studio 7 Academy CiC

Go forward with momentum, let’s get it done!